GeoSciML - current version 3.2

The current release of GeoSciML is version 3.2, released in August 2013. GeoSciML comprises a package of 13 related modules.  Each module covers a particular domain of geoscience, such as geologic units, earth materials, geologic structures, or boreholes.

GeoSciML v3.2 uses ISO and OGC data standards, including GML v3.2, SWE Common v2, and Observations and Measurements v2.

NewsAn example database is now available to demonstrate mapping
of geological data to GeoSciML v3 WFS schemas
(August 2014)

GeoSciML News Archive


GeoSciML-Portrayal is a simple features, denormalised view of a small part of the GeoSciML model, including geologic units, contacts, faults and boreholes.  It can be used to standardise the interaction (request/response formats) with layer-based Web Map Services (WMS) and simple features Web Feature Services (WFS).

The current version (released July 2013) is version 2.0.1

Previous versions of GeoSciML

Prior to version 3, GeoSciML was packaged in just 3 modules.  XSD schemas of these versions are dependent on WFS v1, GML v3.1.  GeoSciML v2 is also dependent Observations and Measurements v1.0.

1. GeoSciML

2. Geologic Time 3. Utilities

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